Reaching for a cure


Maya – Story written by her mother Ioana

I am blessed to be the mother of now 5 year old Maya, who was diagnosed before the age of 2 with a lymphatic malformation that visibly affects her right leg. This story is about our journey from an empty existence to a grateful one. It is about the lessons I have learnt, that nothing and nobody comes to this earth with guarantees and that life is about finding that happiness that reaches your soul, enjoy and be grateful for today, live it fully with no expectations, no limitations. Sounds like reading some inspirational quotes, right? Try make them your reality, it is so much better.


For a while, all I could see was the disease, the different leg. I focused on ‘the problem’ in my head, how to fix it, her. I became obsessed, spent nights reading any medical trial, other people’s experiences. Then, with counseling support, I decided to change my perspective, my behavior: on the disease, on life. Now I see my kid in all her beauty and uniqueness, I stopped limiting her options with my mind (like because her leg is affected, she can not do ballet she is actually very good at it) and I opened my mind to new possibilities, to new opportunities. I’ve learnt so many new things, I’ve met so many great people, I’ve brought my contribution in helping others, I’ve evolved as a human being and I am proud of who I have become. So, why looking at the missing parts when right now, today, we are well, whole and enough?