New Video Presenting VASCERN released

This video presents VASCERN, its members and the work that the network does to improve the lives of patients with rare vascular diseases.

Subtitles now available in English and French. Additional EU languages will be added soon.

How can VASCERN help you? was filmed during VASCERN Days 2018 and features ERN Coordinator (Prof Guillaume Jondeau), 5 Rare Disease Working Group Chairs (Prof Claire Shovlin, Prof Julie De Backer, Dr Leema Robert, Dr Robert Damstra and Prof Miikka Vikkula), Patient Registry Working Group Chair (Prof. Leo Schultze Kool), E-health and Training & Education Working Group Chair (Dr. Alessandro Pini), the European Patient Advisory Group (ePAG) Chair (Juergen Grunert), and Project Manager (Marine Hurard).

Watch the video here.