2024 Million Dollar Bike Ride for CLA Research

LGD Alliance Gears Up for Million Dollar Bike Ride to Support CLA Research

As the LGDA prepares for the annual Million Dollar Bike Ride (MDBR) on June 8th, LGD Alliance Europe is rallying its global support base to further critical research into complex lymphatic anomalies (CLAs). This event, held in Philadelphia, will see a group of dedicated riders, known as Team CLA Warriors, pushing pedals to advance this vital cause.


A Global Call to Action

While the physical event will take place in Philadelphia, supporters worldwide can have a significant impact without leaving their hometowns. Through virtual participation, anyone anywhere can join the efforts by engaging in various activities such as cycling, walking, running, or even organizing bake sales. Participants are encouraged to set up a fundraising page on the WhyDonate platform to collect donations from friends, family, and colleagues. For those who find event organizing challenging, making a direct donation is another powerful way to contribute. Each donation is crucial, as reaching the fundraising goal of 30K will trigger matching funds from the University of Pennsylvania, effectively doubling the donations.


The Impact of Your Support

The importance of achieving this year’s 30K target is monumental. The funds raised are key to supporting innovative research projects across Europe, like past recipients:

  • Michela Rossi from Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital in Rome, a 2022 Alfie Milne Young Investigator Awardee, who is working on new therapies to inhibit osteolysis in Gorham-Stout disease.
  • Andrea Del Fattore, also at Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital, is exploring new approaches to understanding and treating these complex diseases.
  • Silva Martin Almedina at St George’s University of London, who has been investigating the role of the NRAS mutation, contributing significantly to our genetic understanding of CLAs.

These projects represent the pioneering work your donations support, aiming for breakthroughs in treatment and understanding of CLAs.


Uniting the Community

No matter where you are, your involvement and contributions make you an integral part of the global effort to combat CLAs. Sharing your fundraising page, spreading the word about the MDBR, or making a donation are all vital ways to participate. The collective effort of our community supports dedicated researchers who bring us closer to new solutions and provides hope to those affected by complex lymphatic anomalies.

We extend our deepest thanks for your enthusiasm, creativity, and generosity as we count down to the Million Dollar Bike Ride. Let’s unite to make this year’s event a monumental success for the CLA community!