GLA/GSD/KLA clinics for European patients set

Due to the success of two previous expert clinics organized by Dr. Lopez-Gutierrez at La Paz Hospital in Madrid (Spain), more clinic dates have been announced.


The first date is Thursday, Dec. 20, with the second in January (date to be announced).


Please can you email if you would be interested in attending either of these clinics.


What can you expect as a patient?

Dr. Lopez-Gutierrez and his team will review your clinical current status, recent x-ray exams, genetic background (even free genetic studies on patients with no mutations diagnosed are possible) and a therapeutic evaluation. (In case of patients needing special X-ray exams – lymphatic MRI and intranodal lymphangiography, these will have to be organized at a later date). In order to help the team, you will need to arrange to take a PDF document with your most recent and relevant clinical information and also, your most recent X-rays and imaging.


Please note;

  • Registrations from interested parties have to be sent to
  • The initial clinic review by Dr Lopez-Gutierrez will be free of charge. If there is a need for more appointments, any resulting costs will need to be discussed with Dr. Lopez-Gutierrez by the patient/parent or caregiver.
  • Dr. Lopez-Gutierrez and his team can communicate with you in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
  • You must be able to organize and pay for your own travel and accommodation.