Become a ‘LGDA EU Supporter’

We need your financial support! We are making long-term investments that are critical to improving diagnosis and treatment of Rare and Complex Lymphatic Anomalies thus extending and improving the lives of patients. Please support us now and in the future.

How does it work?

Registering as annual supporter

Signing up as annual financial supporter is simple. In the context of the Dutch law you become a donating member, but this does not imply any further responsibility. Signing up is as easy, as just clicking the button above.

The sign-up procedure ends with you giving an authorization and payment of your recurring donation. Our payment system is hosted by Mollie. Mollie sends your donations to the bank account of the LGD Alliance Europe.

Mollie stores the authorization information and the company will charge the same payment method again after one year or one month (depending on your choice).

I don’t have enough money…

If you are a patient and not have the financial means to pay to become a donating member (LGDA EU Supporter) then please e-mail us about this. Mail us via

Cancel your membership and payments

Cancelling your ‘Supporter’ status and further donation is simple. Send an email to and we will change this for you without having to give us a reason.

We will process the cancellation as soon as possible, although this process might take up to 10 working days to be finalized. In some cases your bank account or credit card could be charged in the meantime for the donation of the next period. Re-funding your donation to your bank account or credit card is possible, but we will lower the amount with a refund fee of 1 euro.

Donate anomysously WhyDonate

If you prefer to donate anomysously, we have set up a fundraising page at

How does your donation help?

The generosity of donors like you has made it possible to make numerous investments in support of research efforts to find the cause, and to develop better diagnostic methods and treatments for Rare and Complex Lymphatic Anomalies.

Read about all the projects we support via our newsletter or the news on our website.