Get Involved

How you can help

Get Involved

You can help by getting involved in many ways like:

Support us and our work – now and in the future. You can support us with an annual recurring donation of a minimum of 25 euro. Or make a off donation.

Help us as help patients and become a volunteer. Write for our newsletter, help with translations or give a lecture at school to raise awareness.

Selling cookies, racing cars or swim all night: every fundraiser that will raise money and awareness for CLAs, is great!

How easy can it be? You do your online shopping, pay nothing extra and a percentage of your spending will go to the LGDA.

Are you a patient?

As a patient you can help in other ways as well:

Register as a patient in our medical registry. That way you can support scientific studies into Complex Lymphatic Anomalies, like Gorham’s Disease or Central Conducting Lymphatic Anomaly.

You can raise more awareness by sharing your story online, in our closed online forum, in our newsletter or on our website.