LGDA and LMI Announce 2018 UPenn Orphan Disease Center Million $$$ BikeRide Research Awards

The LGDA and partner, the Lymphatic Malformation Institute (LMI), are pleased to announce the selection for research awards  for the coming year for the study of Gorham-Stout Disease (GSD) and generalized lymphatic anomaly (GLA, formerly lymphangiomatosis) from the 2018 UPenn Million $$$ BikeRide.  Thanks to the community of generous supporters, including special help from the LGD Alliance Europe they raised – with matching funds from UPenn – $101,000!    We congratulate our BikeRide Captain: Scot Wiesner, Chair of the LGDA, and the following outstanding investigators:

Shoshana Greenberger, MD PhD, Sheba Medical Center and Tel-Aviv University, Israel, Project Title: Role of NRAS mutations in the pathology of generalized lymphatic anomaly  (GLA)

Andrea Del Fattore, PhD, Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, IRCCS, Rome, Project Title: Analysis of crosstalk between regulatory T and bone cells in Gorham-Stout

We are grateful to all the researchers who submitted projects.   We are already planning our 5th year of participation in the 2019 UPenn Million $$$ BikeRide.  Our riders’ efforts and our generous supporters have raised, with matching funds, more than $600, 000 for GLA/GSD & KLA research in the 4 years of our participation.  Perhaps you will join us as a rider and/or supporter in 2019!  For further information contact John Fay, 2019 Captain, or Scot Wiesner or Jack Kelly –  Co-Captains at info@lgdalliance.org to let them know your interest.   The 2019 UPenn Million $$$ BikeRide takes place in the city of Philadelphia on Saturday, June 8, 2019.