Is there anything more challenging to the human spirit than the battle to regain one’s health; to remain hopeful and “soldier on” knowing there is no cure?  

Every day hundreds of individuals and their families and friends around the world face this reality with determination and humor; hope and faith in the face of fear and anxiety; and pain and uncertainty. But there is hope to be found, and here in these pages members of this community share their experiences in order to help others reaching for a cure. 

These stories will touch your heart, conveying with transparency and sincerity the challenges of living with complex lymphatic anomalies.  Written by patients and family members; caregivers and friends; and those who have lost loved ones, they offer the heart-felt perspective of those whose lives have been forever altered. 

They are here to offer hope, support, and encouragement to those affected and to educate and open the eyes of the world.  These pages are dedicated to people who have been affected by complex lymphatic anomalies.

Group of patients