Unlocking Hope: Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Introduces Mosaic Disorders Clinic for Adults 

We are excited to announce that Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London has unveiled a beacon of hope for adults affected by complex lymphatic anomalies. The newly launched mosaic disorders clinic (run by Professor Pierre Vabres), part of the Rare Disease Collaborative Network (RDCN), is set to revolutionize the landscape of care for those grappling with these rare and challenging conditions. 

Understanding Mosaic Disorders: A Unique Challenge 

Mosaic disorders, a cluster of rare diseases stemming from genetic mutations during pregnancy, present a complex web of challenges. The manifestations of these conditions become apparent either at or after birth, casting a unique set of hurdles for affected individuals. The mosaic disorders clinic at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital aims to be a guiding light for those navigating this intricate terrain. 

Comprehensive Care for Diverse Cases 

The clinic is dedicated to providing specialized diagnosis and care for adults with diagnosed or suspected mosaic disorders. This encompasses a wide spectrum, including congenital naevi affecting various cells of the skin and underlying tissues, vascular anomalies, overgrowth syndromes, and mosaic forms of germline disorders such as mosaic neurofibromatosis type 1 and mosaic tuberous sclerosis. 

Expertise and Compassion Unite 

The mosaic disorders clinic at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital boasts a team of dedicated healthcare professionals armed with expertise and compassion. These healthcare heroes are committed to delivering personalized care, understanding the unique needs of each individual affected by these rare conditions. 

Spreading the Word: A Call to Action 

The importance of awareness cannot be overstated. If you or someone you know may be affected by mosaic disorders, spread the word about this vital service. Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital is ready to provide the support and care needed to navigate the challenges of mosaic disorders. 

Guy’s and St Thomas’ Overview of Service: https://bit.ly/47CEoA5 and Appointments and referrals:  https://bit.ly/40D78X8