A mother’s view on lymphangiomatosis

Lucia Nanetti from Italy has a son with lymphangiomatosis. She wrote the following:

“According to her (the Lymphangiomatosis) you could not do sport, run, tire yourself because your lungs do not allow it. For her, you had to be sold out 6 years ago… according to her, it is unthinkable that you should be travelling abroad alone… for her, you should stay in bed, perhaps attached to the oxygen tank… she is sneaky, she is a bastard… she amuses herself in making us scared… She wants us to live in anguish…She makes you fall…She wants everything…but She will never take away your desire to live life to the fullest…I don’t know where all this will take us I know only and I believe that all of us, including myself, should take an example from you Lorenzo, appreciate life as it is and live day after day as you say “to the fullest!”.