26 May – LGD Awareness Day

On this day we focus on our worldwide patient community to bring attention to the challenges they face with grace every day and to remember those who have been lost because of lack of knowledge to properly diagnose and treat. And you can join!


The purpose of LGD Awareness Day:

We need to bring attention to the challenges patients with CLAs face with grace every day. And we remember those who have been lost because of these diseases.

Selling cookies, racing cars or swim all night: every fundraiser that will raise money and awareness for CLAs, is great!


As a patient you can help in other ways as well:

Check our social media channels and hashtag #LGDAwareness to find out more about our patients, their challenges and to express your admiration.

Use #LGDAwareness on Twitter and Instagram

Support us and our work – also in the future. You can support us with an annual donation of minimal 25 euro or give a single donation.

You can raise more awareness by sharing your story online, in our closed online forum, in our newsletter or on our website.

LGDA Europe and our American partner LGDA organise every year a Worldwide Awareness Day of May 26.

May 26 was selected for the awareness date in honour of LGDA Founder Jana Sheets, who was born on that day in 1974.